TriClub Buddies - Mentoring Program for Newbie Triathletes

Triclub Buddy Program
The objective of the buddy system is to give a support and helping hand to new members, and to make them feel very welcome into our triathlon community.

New Members - Use this link to request a TriClub buddy
Experienced Members - Volunteer to be a new members TriClub Buddy

Suggested ways that the buddy can help the new member:
• Be a point of contact within the club for the new member and encourage them to join the club activities (training sessions, races, social events) - by inviting them personally, and being the “friendly face” who’ll be there. Makes it less daunting to turn up.
• Be approachable – try to answer any questions they might have (within reason, this shouldn’t be a major drain on your time!!)
• Once every 6 weeks, lead the beginners ride on a Friday morning at the OCT (this means, riding for approx. 1 hour at the pace of the slowest rider who joins)

What’s in for the buddy?
Apart from the immense joy of imparting your tri-related wisdom to a fresh and eager new triathlete, each volunteer buddy will be able to do one Education City race  free of charge.

For more information visit our
Event Date
Monday 31st of October 2022
Start Time
12:00 PM

Newbie Triathlete Requesting a Mentor - Individual

Male/Female aged 7 to 70


Volunteer as Mentor - Individual

Male/Female aged 12 to 70


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