Mylaps Timing Chips

For renewing club members, you can  renew your chip subscription yourself (cost is €27, approx QR105)

If you've not got the time or interest to renew your chip yourself then we strongly advise renewing members to upgrade to the yellow chip for QR250
These timing chips have a lifetime subscription that won't run out so no need to renew for QR105 each season. Their life is limited by the battery which lasts about 5 years.
You can even sell them when you leave.

Chips will be prepared for collection at the next race you enter.

For more information of your timing chips, and how to renew the subscription yourself, see our webpage

Event Date
Sunday 31st of December 2023
Start Time
12:00 PM

Red Timing Chip | 1 Year Subscription - Individual

Male/Female aged 7 to 99

150 QAR

Yellow Timing Chip | Endless Subscription - Individual

Male/Female aged 7 to 99

250 QAR

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