Frequently Asked Questions

How to create EventMember, ClubMember accounts in the registration system?
For step by step guide please go to link

Do I have to create an account (become an event member) to register for events?
Yes, you have to register an account (to become an event member) for yourself and all your dependents that you wish to register in for events. You can also chose to upgrade and become a Club Member of TriclubDoha for one or all accounts. TriclubDoha is the largest triathlon club in Qatar, that will give you additional benefits and massive discounts to TriclubDoha event entries (please refer to all details link).

Do I need a separate account for my children/dependents that I register for?
Yes, all athletes/individuals will require a unique account (EventMember or ClubMember), as every account will be required to provide basic information like Date of Birth, Gender, T-Shirt size etc needed for the registration. However, as parent/spouse, you can create dependent accounts (linked to yours), which will allow to register for all of them from your own account in one transaction.

Can I upgrade to ClubMembers to all accounts linked to mine in one transaction?
No, you will have to follow the process and run a transaction for every singly club membership upgrade. (in the next release and system upgrade) we will consider a basket where you can combine number of orders in one transaction.

Do I have to become a ClubMember to register for events?
No, you can register using an Event Member account. However, you will not be eligible to significant club members discount, and not eligible for many other benefits.

Can I have a discount if I have a valid Mylaps timing chip without being a club member?
Yes, if your account/profile have a valid active Mylaps timing chip ID, you will be eligible for fixed amount discount equivalent to renting chip charges. However, it will be your responsibility to make sure that the timing chip is active and functioning properly, otherwise you will risk your event not being timed, and miss your results and podium chance.

Do me and all my dependents have to be ClubMembers to be eligible for club discount?
No, you can become a club member for all/none/part of your and your associated accounts and the system will automatically apply club especial discounts to those particular accounts that are members.

Do I have to provide MyLaps Timing Chip Code?
All ClubMembers will have to provide Mylaps timing chip code at registration, and are responsible for maintaining, incase of replacement or damage or lost. You will have the capability to update your profile and provide the correct MyLaps Timing chips when you update your own profile in the website.

How to update the timing chip (MyLaps subscription)?
All information can be found at link.

When the club membership ends?
The club provide a seasonal membership, I.e. all current season members will expire at 31/August and all members will have to renew their membership at the beginning of the new season from the 1st of September 2019.

Can I pay with Debit Card?
Yes, Refer to all the cards that you can use

Can I pay with non Qatari CC?
Yes, refer to all cards you can use